TORONTO – OCTOBER 14TH, 2014 – Canada Goose, the iconic outdoor luxury brand, today revealed its first Scandinavian advertising campaign, FreeAirLife. Launching in Sweden and Denmark, the campaign celebrates the Nordic philosophy of Friluftsliv – a connectedness to the more than human world – and invites Scandinavians to explore their own understanding through three short compelling films, directed by renowned filmmaker Daniel Kragh-Jacobsen.
Scandinavia was one of the first markets to embrace Canada Goose, more than 20 years ago, as a brand that delivered the functionally-driven aesthetic they needed, and valued the authenticity of the high quality outerwear made entirely in Canada. The FreeAirLife campaign features three engaging Scandinavians sharing their Friluftsliv moments. The approach to filming each story was unconstructed, unscripted and naturally raw in style, leaving the individuals to tell their stories in the purist way possible.
“Authenticity is the thread that runs through everything we do at Canada Goose. As we learned more about the philosophy of Friluftsliv, we felt immediately connected to its meaning as we share that inherent desire to be connected to the natural world around us,” said Kevin Spreekmeester, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing, Canada Goose. “The FreeAirLife campaign provides us with a natural platform to explore what Friluftsliv looks like today through the eyes of three amazing individuals, and invites everyone to examine and embrace the philosophy for themselves.”
Filmed in and around Svalbard, Copenhagen and Östersund, the nine minute documentary is divided into three short videos, Free, Air and Life (Fri-Lufts-Liv), and was directed by acclaimed Danish Director Daniel Kragh-Jacobsen of Ridley Scott Associates, renowned for his honest and raw style and his “show it, don’t tell it” mantra. 
“We all have a tendency to get stuck in the daily grind, and often we need to be pushed to start listening to our inner need to breathe and to regain our connection with the natural world.  The films portray what Friluftsliv means to three very different individuals in the C21st, examining how our relationship with nature has changed over the years. My hope is that these films will inspire and re-invigorate everyone who watches them,” said Daniel Kragh-Jacobsen.  
The FreeAirLife campaign will launch in early October. For more information, visit www.canadagoose/FreeAirLife 


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