Volverine 1000 mile


So you have stomped through Autumn in your favorite leather boots, now its time to give them a loving hand so they can get through the winter without damage! We have gathered three quick and easy steps on how to get started: 



Always clean your boots thoroughly for soil and other debris before applying leather conditioner. A shoe brush is the perfect tool because brush hair can get into all the cracks and seams. If the boot is particularly dirty you may want to rinse with plenty of water. Never use ordinary household soap on leather. Make sure that the boots are completely dry before application. If your boots are soaked put in newspaper balls to dry in a warm place where they can absorb - Note: Avoid the immediate vicinity of direct flame or other sources of heat as it dries out the leather.


Remember :

1. Never store wet or damp shoes in places where they can not dry. Eg: in plastic bag, trunk, basements, etc ..
2. Never dry shoes in the sun, near a heater, oven or over a fire . Leather is "burned " and will crack and crevice.
3. The white lines from the the salt on the streets can just wipe off with a damp cloth (moistened with water).



Dry leather needs moisturising with leather conditioner to keep supple. Apply a thin layer of wax on clean and dry leather and rub a thoroughly with either your hands or a soft cloth.

Remember also that your new leather boots with advantage can be cleaned with leather conditioner before they are used and the sole needs moisture to keep water out.



If your kit is missing a polishing cloth, you may want to find an old t -shirt out of the closet and use it instead. Wipe any leather conditioner reste with the cloth and polish them nice and shiny!

See also the following videos from Wolverine 1000 Mile, which has produced quality leather goods since 1883, how to care for your used leather boots - and how to make your new pair ready for winter, so they will last for years.