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Gift Card

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Nagpeople Gift Card

Treat someone you love with a gift card valid both on this webshop and in Nagpeople Store. You decide the amount by simply entering the amount in the box below. We offer to sent the gift card eighter electronic or as a printed card wraped in nicely and send by post. The gift card can be used either repeatedly or in addition to payment.

Gift cards sent electronically
If you choose the electronic gift certificate, you will immediately after purchase, receive the gift card to the provided email. However, please note that if you order the gift card after pm. 5.00 in weekdays it will be send the following morning. Gift cards purchased on Sundays will be send Monday morning.

Gift cards mailed
If you choose to receive the gift card by post, you will receive it at the provided delivery address within 1-2 days wraped in nicely.

The gift card is valid for two years from the day it is purchased.


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