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Original Parka Coat

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Musk-Ox Original Parka Coat

This original Musk Ox Parka Coat is hand made using exactly same methods as originally. All details are authentic in this re-production of the classic well known parka coat. The original Musk Ox Parka is developed and designed by the native hunter Mogens Graae. Mogen Graae lived alone in the harsh North East Greenland from 1946-48. After his return to Denmark he made the company Musk Ox and started developing equipment that could improve native hunter’s rough conditions, and the original Musk Ox Parka was born.

The Musk Ox parka is made of 100% natural materials of highest quality and the processing is extremely careful.

► 100% cotton

► 100% wool

► Suede

Made in Europe

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