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1. About NAGPEOPLE Aps NAGPEOPLE ApS apply to experienced buyers of clothing. Here you’ll find a wide selection of high fashion brands. We are ready by the phone to assist and if you need help, feel free to send us an email by using the ‘Help Form’ or call us direct at +45 3542 4143. We make reservations for typing errors, wrong prices, VAT-, currency- and duty changes, price increase, force majeure, sold out and out of stick articles plus delivery failure from our suppliers.

2. Language By accepting these Terms and Conditions you also accept the transaction is completed in Danish. If you wish to make the transaction in another language you must accept the Terms and Conditions in this language. If you find no Terms and Conditions in the language in question the transaction cannot be agreed in this language.

3. Order Orders for goods can be made through our web shop If you need help placing an order you are welcome to send us an email using the ‘Help Form’. Or call us direct at +45 3542 4143 between 9 AM and 5 PM.

4. Payment We accept payment with credit cards and debit cards in our web shop. Any fees or charges through the use of debit card are placed on the customer. There are no fees when using Dankort. We accept following credit- and debit cards in our web shop: Danish debit cards: Maestro, Visa Elektron. Fee = 1,25 % of the sales price. Danish credit cards: Mastercard, Eurocard, Visa. Fee = 1,25 % of the sales price. Foreign credit cards. Fee = 3,75 % of the sales price.

5. Register as buyer You must register as buyer before shopping at When registering you must accept our Terms and Conditions as described in present document and provide us the information asked for. If we find the information incorrect, we reserve the right to cancel the order. Personal data To be able to make a transaction with NAGPEOPLE ApS you must register with the following information: Name, address, phone number and email address. You have the option to choose a delivery address different from the billing address. Please note that when choosing an alternative delivery address (different from the billing address) we will check the card information match with the stated phone number. We reserve the right to cancel the order in case we find irregular information. Your personal data is registered at NAGPEOPLE ApS and kept for five years. We register your personal data with the purpose of delivering your purchase to you. By accepting the Terms and Conditions you certify that NAGPEOPLE ApS collect personal data with the sole purpose of handling your order. Furthermore we register following types of information (if given to NAGPEOPLE ApS): Alternative delivery addresses. Alternative delivery addresses are kept for future use in case you wish to send your order to another place than the billing address. All members of staff have access to your personal data. We don’t keep the customer data encrypted, but protected by password. We don’t pass along information to third party. No other private information is registered. All data are entered and transmitted non-encrypted to NAGPEOPLE ApS. When registered at NAGPEOPLE ApS you always have a right to protest against the registration and you have access to the information registered about you according to The Personal Data Protection Act. If you wish to make an application please contact NAGPEOPLE ApS by email:

6. Privacy policy At NAGPEOPLE ApS we don’t use web logistics or cookies. We save information about online purchase for the accounts department. Our accountant, Anni Kaas Madsen, keeps all information, and can be reached if needed:

7. Prices (and product catalogue/selection) Any discounts are conditional upon timely payment. In addition to the stated prices is the usual shipping cost which as shown when placing the order. There is no discount on shipping. The shipping cost is based on each article and weight, using standard shipping prices. See Delivery and Shipping for more info. We have the right to change all prices without further notice. We have the right to change our product catalogue/selection without further notice. We don’t give any service on the purchase unless otherwise explicitly stated. All prices are quoted with VAT. Shipping and delivery costs will be added before accepting the transaction. Any additional fees will also be added before accepting the transaction. You will receive an email confirming your transaction.

8. Trade agreement Until following conditions have been met, no final and binding agreement has been made, regardless of you placing an order and registering at NAGPEOPLE Aps: A: Our partners have validated your payment. B: You have received an email from NAGPEOPLE ApS confirming your order. If an article is sold out it will usually be informed when ordering. We reserve the right to inform you about possible sold out items in an email later on and hereby changing the purchased number of items to zero or the amount we can deliver at the time. You must by any transaction accept these Terms and Conditions, as they are valid for your purchase. To know your rights and obligations regarding your purchase please read the Terms and Conditions carefully. With any purchase at you’ll receive an email confirming your order along with a copy of the Terms and Conditions. When we have checked that we can deliver the ordered article, you’ll receive an order-confirmation. It is not possible subsequent to access the sales agreement through the website. If you wish to have a new copy of the agreement, please contact us: As a private consumer you accept having had no assistance or having recived no advise about your purchase. You alone are responsible for your choice of product and its suitability to fulfill the porpose of purchase. Please read the product describtion carefully before purchase.

9. Delivery and Shipping We pack the orders as they are received. When a parcel is ready for shipping we charge the amount at PBS. Is the payment not visible at PBS the order will not be shipped. Delivery Unless otherwise explicit noted and accepted by NAGPEOPLE ApS, or stated by the chosen type of transport, all noted delivery dates (within five work days) are estimates. Shipping NAGPOEPLE ApS uses (service +45 7010 4500) if your order can be sent directly from our own store. When sent from our external stock we use GLS, for shipping. To find the exact shipping cost you need to find the ‘volume-weight’ on the box and content in question. You find the volume-weight by multiplying height, length and width of the box – and then divide the number with 4000 (for Denmark) or 5000 (for foreign countries). This will give you the weight of the parcel and you can then find the shipping cost in the price table.

10. Warranty and passing of risk We give no warranty on our products. Special warranty for Canada Goose Jackets As a main rule we have a two-year warranty for the Canada Goose Jackets. The warranty include all defects the jacket may have at time of purchase, as well as functional defects not caused by wrong usage by the costumer. E.g. broken zipper, loose buttons, excessive lack of down and broken stitching (not broken stitching as a result of wear and tear). Warranty does not include defects as a result of wrong usage of the garment, normal wear and tear or damaging behavior resulting in defects. In continuation of above-mentioned you can read the official Canada Goose Warranty: “WARRANTY – CANADA GOOSE” “All Canada Goose products are fully warranted against defects in materials and workmanship. If a product ever fails due to a manufacturing defect, we will repair the product without charge or replace it at our option. This warranty does not include repairs due to accidents, improper care, negligence, or normal wear and tear. In such cases, we will repair the item for a reasonable charge. This warranty is valid exclusively in the country of purchase through the original retailer.” Passing of risk NAGPEOPLE ApS take responsibility for correct and secure shipping to the given address. The risk for the goods dispatched from NAGPEOPLE ApS pass on time of delivery, while the risk of the accidental passing turn after the expire of the right of cancellation which is 14 days.

11. Complaint If an article is vintage/used it will always be noted along the article, and as a buyer you accept that the article is vintage/used. It is your obligation, within reasonable time, to check that the received article correspond to your order. According to the Danish Sale of Goods Act NAGPEOPLE ApS gives 24 months right to invoke lack of conformity – unless otherwise stated. The right to invoke lack of conformity means you as a customer can complain about faults and imperfections for 24 months after receiving your purchase, given that any faults and imperfections is not caused as a result of incorrect and otherwise harmful usage of the purchase. It is furthermore given that the fault or imperfection was present when receiving the purchase. If you use your right to complain within six month the fault or imperfection must have been present when receiving the purchase. You must complain within reasonable time when discovering a fault or imperfection. If you complain within two month from purchase, it is considered reasonable. If the complaint is legitimate we will refund your shipping costs when returning the purchase. If you wish to complain, please send the relevant purchase to NAGPEOPLE ApS: NAGPEOPLE Aps Silkegade 3 1113 Copenhagen K It is also possible to deliver the relevant purchase personally to the above-mentioned address or the Copenhagen store: NAG CLASSIC Silkegade 3 1113 Copenhagen K When returning a purchase, please have order number, receipt and proof of payment along. You can as a customer demand that we correct the fault or imperfection, or provide a new article given that the complaint is legitimate and that the correction or replacement do not cause unreasonable costs for NAGPEOPLE ApS. We can choose to offer you a new article instead of the old or instead of a correction of the old article. If we are not able to make corrections and you don’t want to a new article the transaction will be cancelled. When NAGPEOPLE ApS are aware of your complaint we will contact you by email to arrange the next steps.

12. Returns You have a right to regret your purchase and cancel the transaction. You can use your right to cancellation by refusing to accept the purchase or by handing over the parcel to the carrier or postal services. If you choose to accept the purchase, you must make use of your right to cancellation within 14 days of receiving the parcel. Meaning that you must return the parcel to NAGPEOPLE Aps on the 15th day of reviving the parcel at the latest. The article must be returned in the same condition and amount as received. You can try on the article, but not use it or in other ways lower the value of the article (e.g. leave marks of makeup, perfume, creases ect.). If washed, the article cannot be returned. When buying from the web shop the original and undamaged packaging is a significant part of the value of the article. The packaging must always be sent along in order to make use of the right to cancellation. You cannot return an article if hangtags are removed or the article have been used. When using your right to cancellation and returning the purchase you pay the shipping cost. Parcels sent by cash on delivery will therefore be rejected. It is not possible to deliver return goods personally. Please sent returns to: NAGPEOPLE ApS Silkegade 3 1113 Copnehagen When returning goods please place along order number, contact info, email address and a copy of your receipt, as well as your bank account number. The purchase price will be transferred to your bank account. Remember that we don’t refund your shipping expenses. We will return your money as soon as we have received and controlled that your returned article lives up to the conditions for using your right to cancellation. Expect up to 14 days. If we don’t think the conditions for using the right to cansellation are present, we will contact you by email with an explanation. In this case we will return the article to your given address.

13. Responsibility NAGPEOPLE ApS do not take responsibility for any delays. NAGPEOPLE ApS do not take responsibility for any lost articles regarding shipping of returned goods.

14. Copyright All immaterial rights - including exclusive rights to accessibility and the making of copies such as text, graphics, pictures and design and so on in this website – belongs to NAGPEOPLE ApS.

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